Guidelines for the Best Hotels

Planning for the perfect vacation can be challenging, and especially when you have decided to go somewhere new and exciting. Though it is easy to keep going to the same hotel in the same location time and time again; sometimes you want to break out and explore the new places you have always dreamed about visiting. This is where using some ways and means to help pick the best hotel for your needs, wants, desires and budget can make for choosing your hotel easier.

Check Independent Hotel Ratings

You can get great, first hand experience and feedback by reading through reviews written by real travelers who have an unbiased opinion of the hotels. This can give you the nitty gritty when it comes to the good, the bad and the noteworthy aspects of each hotel you are considering.

Hotel Chains and Facilities

If you are gun shy about choosing a hotel that has only one location, or if you are leery about small facilities; looking for a national or even global chain can help you get a level of quality and service that is more unified. Because chains have certain standards they strive to adhere to, choosing a chain hotel for your trip can get you the room you want, routine discounts and guaranteed services; all which are backed by a corporation dedicated to hotel travelers.


Once you choose where you want to travel, you can also save some money on your room by opting to move a little further away from the big attractions of the area. For example, when going to an island or beach, staying a few blocks away from the water can result in big savings. The same holds true for major cities, where hotels on the outskirts of town can be less costly compared to downtown, prime properties.

Rates and Discounts

When it comes to crunching budget numbers for your vacation, the hotel portion can quickly add up to a big chunk of your allotted budget. This is why seeking out or even asking for discounts can work to your advantage. You can find discounts, package rates and even promotional specials to cut your hotel costs, which can sometimes translate in to enough of a savings that you can afford to stay even longer. You can also ask for discounts if you belong to any groups or associations that routinely receive such benefits as hotel discounts.

Boutique Hotels

If you really want to make the most of your trip, and experience a different and more unique hotel option; perhaps a boutique hotel is the option for you. Boutique hotels can be independently owned or part of a chain. The benefit of such a hotel is they are more geared towards pampering and personalized services, which can make your trip all the more special. The included services found at most boutique style hotels far surpass even the highest quality resort, as they treat each guest as a special patron.

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Hotels in Accra – How to Find the Best Hotels in Accra

There are many hotels in Accra and a few more international hotels have started coming to Ghana since 2007 when Ghana discovered oil. The discovery of oil has also increased the number of business travels to Ghana, a situation international hotels find very encouraging, thus necessitating the need for more hotel accommodations in Accra, Ghana. Accra, the capital city of Ghana is a tourist hub. It is one of the wealthiest and modern cities of Africa. This country mainly connects to Europe and North American territories. The alluring beaches of this place are a tough competition to the splendid beaches in Mauritius. This is the feature that is attracting hordes of tourists every year to Accra. Due to its tourist friendly hospitality, it has become popular among visitors worldwide. There are places to go sight-seeing, enjoy the local street life and shop for some exclusive African merchandise.

Premium Accra Hotels

Hotels like Holiday Inn, Golden Tulip and La Palm Royal and MovenPick are some of the premium Hotels in Accra. These have been part of the few high end facilities and as a result, charge breakneck prices from people who book it. The average hotel facility in Accral is more expensive than say its equally rated hotel in say California. Then again, it is an issue of Demand and Supply.

Inspite of the breakneck prices of hotel-accommodations, it is possible for a traveller to find a good hotel in accra for a good price. This will require intense research to get a good deal. Sometimes you may have to call the hotel reservation directly to negotiate. If there are empty rooms, you can get a good accommodation facility for a song.

Average Accra Hotels

These hotels are normally run by small local and international companies and do not have deeper pockets like the premium hotels. However, they are comfortable. You can get a list of these hotels by booking through a local broker.

Luxury Accommodations – A substitute for Hotels in Accra?

Due to the high cost of hotels, it has become prudent that travellers – business and leisure alike – find alternative source to the high priced accra hotel facilities. There are better substitutes to hotels accommodations

Some of the best hotels in ghana can be found in the top prime areas in the city. However, you can get an equally good apartment in those areas too. Areas like Adenta, Spintex Road, Labone
Labadi, Tema, Airport Residential all have great apartments that are very convenient, allow for self catering or fully run clients.

The biggest advantage of using these apartments is that these accommodations are very cost effective.

Therefore to everybody who is going to Accra for either business or pleasure, it is advisable to contact a good apartment broker to get you a place that will save you money.

Find good apartments and save 60% of hotel bills today.

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